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"Where are you going ?"
Water-colour 52 x 72 cm

Åke Hassbjer

Born 3 April 1929 in Vetlanda, Småland, Sweden.

NKI-skolan (Nordic Correspondence School), Industrial Art with Elias Svedberg as main teacher 1947 - 1951.

Stockholms Högskola (Collage of Stockholm). Colour- and picture- technique with Peter Weiss as teacher 1948-1949.

Konstfackskolan (Arts and Crafts-School) in Stockholm with Gunnar Eklöf and John Kandell as main teachers 1952-1953.

Universalgenius Gustaf Axel Berg (GA), Scientifically Institute for Need-Research in Uppsala 1963-1967.

Skånska Målarskolan (Scanian Art-School). Malmö. Teachers Gunnar Friberg, Lars Embäck and Marianne Andersson 1988.

Interior-decoration and Architecture:
In Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, USA, Israel, Spain, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, China, Egypt, Lebanon, Iran and Angola.

In Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Italy, Great Britain end Switzerland.

The biggest exhibition 1966 in Illums Bolighus, Copenhagen with 300.000 visitors during 3 months.


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Dates and Facts Art and Design