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"The earth in your hands" signed Åke Hassbjer


World Life Care

with comfort living

A way to a better life in peace and love for the whole world.
Health-village and centre of knowledge.

"The Golden Circle" main building
Quality living with beauty and harmony in colour and form decoration with maximum handicap friendly needharmony correct health foods for body and soul spare-time activities for all ages and interests culture with music, art and lectures great eligible security level and service.
"The Golden Circle" main building
Main building has space for culture- and environment-arrangements, tourist information, U.N.- and EU-office for piece, better environment and health. Rose-passage at the entrance, can also be an willow-passage. Inside the entrance-doors, basins on both sides with waterfall, water-lily's, water-plants and fishes. Straight in front, symbol-sculpture according to the picture.
Symbol-sculpture signed Åke Hassbjer
Big globe of glass embraced of V-sign. Inside globes with air, water, green and earth. All refined illuminated. The whole "Pantheon"-atrium in sandstone, blue colours and a starry sky. Screens which can be used for computer-steered light-, colour-, movie-, and picture-projection Transparent lift in the centre, symbolic placed. When gym and bath not are used can the whole area be opened for light-effects. "Pantheon"-atrium-area is reserved for theatrical performances, musical concerts, worships, art-exhibitions, lectures and seminars in life-, environments- and health-questions. Exercise room, different therapy-room, bath section with sauna and shower, separate sections for women and men, common basins with cold water and warm water-massage. Reception desk with internal information's-office and several teamwork-room and beauty parlour on the ground level. In the Main building, second floor has also room for a common place of work and reading-room with computers and comfortable furniture. The whole building has room for 19 double room and 6 room for wheel chair-adapted guests, all together 42 beds. With 2 levels more there is place for still more 18 double room and 16 single room for wheal chair-adapted guests. All together in the whole building 110 guests. Basement under the whole house with garage, store-room and place for energy-technique.

The Golden Circle

"The Golden Circle" second floor.
can be build in still more levels when necessary without to lose in appearance. The Golden Circle is built with materials of nature as sand-stone, bricks, wood, pane of glass and metal. All recycling materials and with minimum of maintenance. At the very top with panorama-view there is a big magnificent restaurant with a open fire-place and the very important education in THE BEST WHOLE-SOME FOOD.
"The Golden Circle" level 2, dining-hall-level.
"The Golden Circle" front and roof.


Round the main building, apartment-houses BOBIBRA = "bo som bina bra"!
Apartment-house Bobibra
The house have room for a large number of apartments in different sizes - small and bigger - all are adapted for handicapped and furnished for comfortable Compact Living.
The apartments can be co-operative building-society flats or to let for longer or shorter periods.
Plan for apartment-house Bobibra
In the health-village there are also a number of one-family-houses BOBIBRA with a plenty of space and a decoration and furnishing which leaves nothing to be desired. Upper level with parents bedroom and two guest-rooms or room for children.
Bobibra one-family-house
The house is created out of consideration for human measures and real needs.
The house form give floor areas without dead corridors and extremely interesting room experiences both inside and in the ecology garden.
The garden with earth-cellar, hotbeds and greenhouse for germing and growing. Those houses are thought as sale objects with furnishing or with the customers own furnishing.
The houses can also be part of the health-villages letting-pool for shorter or longer periods.
Plan for level 1 and 2 Bobibra one-family-house

The building with energy-stingy and environment-friendly materials

In all buildings excrements ( fekalier) and urine are separated, rainwater is used for hygiene rooms and to watering garden and greenhouse. All today's very best energy-saving technique is to be used for light and to warm, cool down, clean and ventilate the room air. Durable room-surfaces easy to clean and take care of.

Interior decoration and decor

Comfortable and durable furniture. Easy to handle for cleaning and care.
Adjustable beds with the best lying-comfort. Ergonomic right sitting-furniture also for senior guests. Needharmony in every detail. Colour-experiences through co-coordinated decoration in harmony with house and surroundings. Clean colours symbolizing SUN, AIR, WATER, EARTH and GREEN.
Effective energy-saving light on the right place there the light emphasize colour and form and also complete the experience of darkness and shadow.
"Life-circle with time, colour and form" signed Åke Hassbjer

Life-circle with time, colour and form

3 primary-forms, 3 primary-colours give all the other.
Don't make the cleanness dirty with black.

Truth and love give and keep life.

Decoration on ceiling and walls: pictures with human being, animals and nature. Positive text and thought-provoking messages.
“Health and peace for our future” signed Åke Hassbjer


Rather than to build an own big greenhouse to grow different vegetables, fruit and berry we will use nearby growers to supply us with unsprayed and demand growed products. We will also bring those products on the market and sell them together with our own health-drinks and fruit juices.

Well-educated, qualified staff

Buildings, interior decoration and surroundings are important but without well-informed and service-concentrated collaborators there is now future for the health-village. We must give all the staff a higher status through own educating and we can do that in existing and functioned structure in fine Swedish archipelago.
There is to-day an Educating-leader with 20 years of experience. Better pay and terms of employment than today's is a condition to the claim of maximum service shall be realized.
The Staff must be many specialists in the same person and work well together with guests and other collaborators in a perfect friendly atmosphere to avoid conflicts and stress and have feeling for ethics and morality.
A sense of responsibility, security and service we will give all guests of the health-village.

All architecture, life-circle and art signed Åke Hassbjer protected by law for origin- and copyright.

"Protect us" signed Åke Hassbjer


To be able to realize the first structure with buildings and interior decoration we need financial help from donors and financiers. Knowledge is only created of people – and we have the knowledge to build and manage this knowledge-centre for a healthy future. The whole project is born entirely without financing or help but now we need help


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